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A smooth ride for our Rocket League team!

September 08, 2020

This summer, Psyonix, the company that created Rocket League, unveiled a new format for the new Pro League season (RLCSX). More teams, more competitions, more money and therefore more visibility. Our team, which had earned its place in the RLCS after being champions of the European Division 2 (RLRS), was determined to compete with the best as soon as the season began.
During the first week of August, the first of the 3 European Minors took place, which would crown the first European champion of the season. After the first 2 Swiss rounds, our players defeated successively Vodafone Giants, Renault Vitality and finally Top Blokes in Playoffs, allowing them to get their first European Champions title.  
A month later, the 2nd Minor took place, the one that already qualified teams to the Major at the end of the season. After having made it through the first 2 stages without losing a single game, they  knocked out Guild, Renault Vitality and Vodafone Giants to write RLCSX's history by winning a 2nd consecutive European Champions title!