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March 05, 2020

There is no greater dream for a Rainbow Six player than being part of the Six Invitational. It is by far the biggest event on R6 and it ended last February leaving some unforgettable memories behind.
Let's come back together on these four days of show.

The organisation
Let start by saying than Ubisoft has not skimped on the means to organize the biggest event possible. Players and staff were welcomed in a sumptuous hotel, privatization of Place Bell Arena, impressive decor, orchestra, entertainment ... This demonstration reveals an obvious thing: Ubisoft does not intend to throw its game. This is what the R6S project manager told us at the turn of a corridor: "We believe in the potential of this game and we intend to keep it alive for a long time."


The competition start
The Six Invitational was surprising in many ways. Of course the show was impressive. But there was also everything that revolves around the competition.
From the first day, Shaiiko embraces “444” during the media day, our Twitter account transforms it into "memes" and all the twitter sphere was making fun out of it. The 444 is no longer a negative sign, but a number defining the identity of Shaiiko and our team. What's more, throughout this Six, Shaiiko will have shown the whole community his skills, and the "Wait and See" that shaiiko said few weeks before has never made more sense.

The heat phase
Just before the Six Invitational, Elemzje joined our roaster, puting a lot of question on the table. There are huge expectations from fans and the media.

So we face the Australian WildCards first. Our team fits well in the competition and wins this match 2/0.

For our second match we face our European brothers: G2 esport, for a duel which becomes month after month a classico more and more awaited.
The match is close, G2 multiplies new strategies, surprising and jostling our team. We lose 0/2 but the performance has confirmed one thing : Elemzje has a good place in our team. On the group stage and throughout the competition he will show a very consistent skill.

The next day we have a Damocles sword's above our heads. We absolutely have to win against Team Reprocity to avoid coming home.
The match will be particularly tense and difficult, however we obtain the qualification for the playoffs 2/1.

The playoffs
The upcoming mainstage is a source of motivation for each player. We still need one victory against DarkZero to reach it. But nothing will be easy in this Six Invitational, and we will drop to the lower bracket after losing 2/1.

From now on every match will have the watchword: "Win or go home."

Against MIBR our players will demonstrate an exceptional skill, and in particular Rafale who performs a stratospheric clutch, which remains, in our eyes, one of the most beautiful action of the whole Six. We get our place on the mainstage and we will put the "baguette" on the mainstage. We are the only French team in Six and now the last European team still standing. (G2 out of the tournament after losing against FNATIC)

The mainstage
We face Fnatic for this quarterfinal match on the mainstage. Shaiiko loses his shoe after entering the stage but our team will win the match with flying colors. The semi-final is coming for us.

This semi-final will be against the brazilians of Nip (Ninja in pyjama). From the interviews preceding the match, Pino announces proudly “It will be an easy match for us“.
At first we started very badly the match, we make an ascent to finally lose the first map. However, this shows that the NIP are not unbeatable. During the second map, we play our game and reduce the score to 1/1.

The last map will be decisive, the tension is at his highest even in the public. The rounds are linked, the match is very close but we lose it and finish in fourth place in the Six Invitational.

The last word
This Six invitational was a really great experience and give us the motivation to climb more.

See you next year !