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BDS's update : february 2020

March 11, 2020

Rainbow 6 Siege
Last month was rich in e-sport. To start, the most important event on Rainbow 6 Siege took place in Montreal: The Six Invitational. Our players faced the best teams in the world and finished fourth in the tournament.

On the Fortnite side, the Dreamhack Anaheim took place, near Los Angeles. Blacky was sent there hoping to replicate the good result at the Dreamhack in Sweden (top 5).
He managed to qualify in the final but after a difficult start he finished in 60th position.

Rocket League
Everything's fine for Rocket League. The players are in good shape and the RLRS season is going well with 4 wins in a row for 1 defeat.
A good start to have the hope of qualifying for the RLCS next season.

Call of Duty
Our players participated in the CDC Paris Open. A good start to the competition will lead them to the quarterfinals against SNG, one of the best teams in the world.
Unfortunately they lost 3-2 after a very close match. They will fall into lower bracket and finish top 6 of the tournament.

Apex Legends
After qualifying brilliantly for the Texas Globals Series and receiving the invitation from EA by finishing "Top 2", our players trained for several weeks in the gaming house to perform at their best for the upcoming tournament.
Unfortunately the tournament was recently delayed due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we don't know at the moment when it will take place.