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New Rainbow Six Siege manager : Catwo

March 16, 2020

Early march, our new Rainbow Six Siege manager came in our place, we take the opportunity to ask her some questions

1- Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Alexia “Catwo”, i'm 26yo and i'm from Bordeaux (France).

2.1 Why BDS?
The real question is "What the external reason that lead me here ?". We will say that the players themself asked me.

2.2 Why did they "choose" you?
I'm here since a while, they know me since more than two years, they say to themself : "Why not?"

3- What are your objectives for the R6's team?
To be able to get the top of the top. They already have a really good level but i want them to get the first place in Pro League but not only !

4- What will you do in the team?
First of all, manager's functions : Team organization, training, practice research... but also mental support if they need it. I did "Sport study", i learned the mental preparation.

5- What are your favorite agents? ( Defence / Attack )
In attack, i like the support agents like Thermite, Thatcher, Ibana. And to defend, the basic : Jager for the liberty and Smoke.

6- How do you prepare for a competition?
Depending of what kind of competition and the objective. For the PL, Rigourous training for the stability and bring support and confidence. More a player will be confident, more he'll be able to show what he can do and the results will be here.

7- How would you qualify your management method?
I have a "family" method, i base everything on trust. For me, if we can say everything to each other, we can fix all the issues. I can be really friendly with my players, but really rude if necessary. If they don't respect the rules, why should i stay friendly with them?

8- How did you know the players?
I known them after coming several times to competitions, or after playing with them. The scene is not that big. I talked with them, for example, during the Gamers Assembly. We talk and we create friendly links

9- From your external point of view, how can you describe the progression?
In one word : Dazzling. It’s a team that started from scratch with complications from the start because of Shaiiko’s story. The fact that Shaiiko had a second chance and that BDS trusts this team allowed them to explode all the way to the Pro League and the Six.

10- What was your motivation to become a R6's manager?
I always loved the management. I already did when I was in "sports study". I like to manage a small group of people and help them use their potential. And for the "video game" side, it was already a passion so I said to myself "why not". I tested at school with an e-sports team that I had created, we did the Gamer Assembly. It's because of this experience in sport that i wanted to give a try in e-sport.


11- Another game that you like?
PUBG for sure! It's a battle royal, nothing related to R6 but the mechanical part is almost the same.

12- Can you talk about your experience before BDS?
I started to play videogames late. After an injury, i had to stop sport. I started to study infographic and i was also interessted by videogames more and more. I started with a free to play game, then R6s. After that, i prefered to be a manager than a player.

13- What is your favorite map and why?
Against all expectations, this is "Chalet". Even if I know that many will complain. But I love this map which is as much attack sided than defense sided, with a team game. Every problems have a solution. Besides, it's a lot of contact combat.

14- Something to say about the last Six Invitational?
Surprising. There are teams that I did not expect that big. And disappointed by others, especially the G2 which are in a bad phase. And, happy with the performance of BDS. I make no secret that I was supporting them. I can't wait to see the changes in the teams, and it is no longer the G2s who will have the lead of the competition.