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Rocket league : Road to RLCS

April 02, 2020

Here we are !

Friday March 27, our players qualified for RLCS, the highest level in Rocket League. After only a few months of existence, the team of M0nkeyM00n won qualification in one season. Let's come back to this RLRS season together.


Dream came true.

The idea to create BDS was born when the founder of BDS purchased Rocket League. Creating a team on the game has always been his dream. To realize it, it was necessary to bring together three young players still unknown led by M0nkeyM00n, player rewarded by the gold backpack last season, and succeed in making them play together despite the fact that they do not speak the same language. (2 spanish and 1 french)

The season begins with a defeat on February 14 against We dem Girlz (2 -3). This failure at the start of the season inevitably raises questions: “Will this team have the level to take up the challenge? ”

The team continue to train together and the second match arrives 8 days later against Solary. A highly anticipated match against a young team full of talent. The predictions are not in our favor, the match will be difficult, but the victory will be our (3-2) thus revealing that our roster is a potential competitor for the qualification in RLCS.

On February 28 we played against Notorious Legion Esport. The team is playing even better and showing its potential against a very good opponent. We won it 3 to 1 and our season is launched: From this match we will lose only one round over the rest of the season!

The five next games, the team continues to show its talent and goes on 3 to 0 (with the exception of a round conceded against RJM)

We are then second in the general standing behind RCD Espanyol, unbeaten.

On March 20, the decisive match is about to begin. RCD Espanyol is a favorite. Everything will be played on the ground. The match is magnificent, the 6 best players of the RLRS are together, and against all odds, we win 3 to zero.



And the next day we must continue the performance against Team Vertex, we beat them 3-0. Six days later, the last game of the season arrives. We are only one game away and only one win is necessary against Triple Trouble to get our place in the RLCS. The players will make us happy by multiplying the impressive goals and finally, the match ends with the last victory: that which gives us the key for the superior league. Shortly after, M0nkeym00n will be elected : MVP of the league.



Now all our attention is directed to the next objective: season 10 of RLCS.