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Samylumine has officialy joined our FIFA roster

March 09, 2020

One week ago, Samylumine joined us in our gaming house, we took advantage of this moment to ask him a few questions
1) Can you introduce yourself in a few words for those who don't know you yet? I’m Samy, a professional Fifa player for 2 years now. Before joining BDS I was playing for Millenium and Solary. 2) Can you tell us about your achievements? I was several times finalist of the orange e-ligue 1 (championship of France), I was part of th team of France's selection twice, quarter finalist of futcup Manchester Fifa 18, and top 8 finals futcup II Bucharest Fifa 20. 3) What is the training routine for a professional player on FIFA? A Fifa player doesn't really have a routine. Depending on the periods and the competitions to come, i can spend the whole day on the game or 30 minutes. 4) How do you prepare for a competition? When a competition is coming, i play all day long against other pros. 5) Why did you choose BDS and what are your objectives in this new structure? BDS is the structure that offered me the most solid project, especially in the long term. My goals are simple: to make my next two years the best possible in the game and I know I can count on BDS to be motivated and in the best conditions.